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Needs and wants

Years: Foundation - Year 2


Needs and wants

Welcome to Needs and wants. In this activity we're going to think about needs and wants. First, choose a level.

Needs and wants - Level 1

Compare the items you chose with the ones you left out.
Brush and comb Dog Sunhat Lunchbox Beanie and scarf iPod and headphones Winter coat School polo shirt Teddy Skateboard Skirt Shorts Long pants Pair of thongs Pair of shoes Swimsuit Flynn with the items that were selected Drink bottle School bag

Needs for school

Doesn't need for school

Swap choices Start over

Needs and wants - Level 2

Flynn needs to buy a new top. Help him choose the best shirt at a good price.

Good work!

Do you want to play again?

Cool top!

This is the most expensive top, but it looks similar to the others.

Do you want to choose again?

Good choice!

This top is very similar to the others, but it's not the lowest price.

Do you want to choose again?

Wild top!

This is the best option for Flynn. It's almost the same as the other tops - and it's the cheapest.

Do you want to play again?

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