MilbaDjunga Smart money- How can I start my own business?

Section 5

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In this stage you will reflect on your experiences as a business owner and state whether the running of your business was of value to the community.

portraits of Tash and Sam, Indigenous girl and boy

Tash: Hey, great to see you are finally back! How did your business adventure go? I bet a lot has happened to you and your group since you were last here.

Sam: Did everything go to plan? Bet you had some surprises happen along the way. It happened to me a few times.

Tash: Were you able to make lots of money or was it really hard? I wonder if anyone in your community noticed, I wonder if they see your business as being positive in the community.

Sam: You have done some great work by having a go at running a business! It’s not easy is it?

Tash: Yeah it is a big job but really anyone can do it. Now we need to figure out for ourselves whether having a business benefits our community.

As well as making money for yourself, it is important to consider whether your business has been of benefit to your community. Consider these benefits of having a business in the community.

  • Local business can generate new and/or continued employment opportunities for locals.

  • Local business can bring in money from outside the community thus bringing in greater wealth for the community.

  • Local business can benefit the community by providing goods and/or services that the community does not have yet.

  • Local business can provide for the needs of the community.

  • Local business can keep money in the community. A successful local business can encourage others to start their own businesses.

Now that you have had time to consider some of these benefits you will need to write a persuasive argument on whether your community did or did not benefit from your business.

Classroom activity: Persuasive argument (.pdf 205kB) Arrow icon linking to an activity

Complete student worksheet:

  • Does business benefit my community?

portrait of Tash and Sam, Indigenous girl and boy

We both hope that all of our hard work helped you start your business. We really hope you enjoyed your experience and wish you all the best with any future business plans you have.

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