MilbaDjunga Smart money- How can I start my own business?

Section 1

section 1 iconExperience and ask

In this stage you will:

  • examine the different ways people get money

  • explore why people work

  • look at why people start their own business.

Portraits of Tash and Sam

Tash: Hello my name is Tash.

Sam: My name is Sam. Have you ever wondered how some people seem to have a lot of money?

Tash: Yeah, they must be doing something different to most of us. Some people have all the flash cars, nice places to live, they dress in deadly clothes!

Sam: You know how different people get their money? Maybe I can find a way to earn lots of money.

Tash: Well Sam, if we want to get money we need to find out all the ways people can get money first.

There are various ways you can get money. You can find it, win it, receive it as a gift, borrow it, inherit it, get it from Centrelink or earn it. Click on the images to find out more about the different ways to get money.

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Coins icon for Earn it information

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We have just seen that there are often costs involved in the different ways of obtaining money – let’s see if you can work out what these costs are and then decide which way of getting money has the least cost associated with it.

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Community news - local Boomerang Business Booming

Now that you have explored the costs involved in obtaining money you might have decided that perhaps earning money, by working for it, has the least costs associated with it. So let’s look a bit more closely at work. We will begin by exploring some reasons why people work?

Activity: Ranking activity (.pdf 1MB) Arrow icon linking to Ranking activity

Compare your ranking with a partner’s and discuss why you ranked them differently.

When you work you can:

  • work for someone else – by getting a job or

  • work for yourself by running your own business

If you wanted to earn money by getting a job let’s see how you would go about doing that!

Classroom activity: Employment agency (.pdf 213kB)Arrow icon linking to an activity

Perhaps you are thinking that you do not want to get a job and work for someone else. You want to work for yourself and start your own business.

There are often many reasons people start a business, but for many there is the lure of making money or helping out their community. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons that people might want to start their own business.

Now discuss with your group or your class why you might want to start your own business.

two hands passing 100 dollar notes