MilbaDjunga Smart money- How can I start my own business?


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How do people get money?

What are the costs involved in obtaining money?

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Why do people work?

  • Activity: Ranking activity

How would I get a job?

Why would I start my own business?

How does money come into your community?

What are the local businesses within your community?

Producers and consumers

Expense and revenue

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Profit and loss

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How do I come up with a product?

What is a product or service I can sell?

What is my target audience?

What are the characteristics of a good business?

What skills do I need to run a business?

How do I write a business plan?

How do I carry out a market analysis?

How do I develop a production/operations plan?

How do I create a financial plan?

Can we do it?

Where to now?

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