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Knowing Growing Showing

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Knowing Growing Showing is a financial literacy resource for teachers to support authentic and meaningful learning for Indigenous students. The term 'Indigenous' respectfully refers to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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What is Knowing Growing Showing?

Knowing Growing Showing supports teachers to engage students in consumer and financial literacy by connecting with, and building upon, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural and community values, histories, world views and lived experiences.

The resource is aligned to the Australian Curriculum, and provides a flexible approach to teaching and learning allowing teachers to meet students' differing needs as well as offering opportunities for extension.

This resourse is intended to be used as a starting point to generate teaching and learning opportunities that are relevant, authentic and reflect students' cultural and community contexts and individual learning needs. It can also be used with students with English as an additional language.

Introducing Knowing Growing Showing

Tony Dreise, Principal Research Fellow for Indigenous Education (ACER) introduces Knowing Growing Showing and explains the benefits of the resource.


Knowing Growing Showing has been developed by ASIC in partnership with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) Indigenous Education team. ASIC and ACER would like to thank the staff at The Aboriginal and Islander Independent Community School (The Murri School), Brisbane; Salisbury State School, Brisbane; Marrara Christian College, Darwin; and key stakeholders including Education departments across the states and territories who provided expertise and advice that greatly contributed to the development of this resource.

Learning stages

The resource has been developed in three learning stages (Knowing, Growing, Showing)

Knowing stage:
What is money

Knowing With Text

An introductory learning stage where students engage with the basics of money and develop a foundational understanding of consumer and financial literacy.

Growing stage:
Money, you and community

Growing With Text

An intermediate stage, where students learn more about the different forms that money can take, develop an awareness of their rights and responsibilities as consumers and develop skills in making smart choices with money.

Showing stage:
Money and enterprise

Showing With Text

An intensive learning stage, where students engage in applied learning and demonstrate their financial literacy skills through projects, events, and understanding enterprise.

Key concepts

The Key concept diagram shows the concepts covered in the units in the Knowing Growing Showing stages.

Key concepts thumbnail

Guiding ideas

Each learning stage includes guiding ideas that support each stage of learning in a way that is meaningful and empowering for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and scene setting scenarios teachers can adapt to suit the learning needs of their students. Each unit provides focus questions for teachers to initiate conversations with students around key concepts about money and finances.

Supporting research

There is a strong demand for resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum to support Indigenous learners and their teachers, particularly consumer and financial literacy education resources.

Knowing Growing Showing is a resource developed to meet that demand. To ensure the resource met the needs of Indigenous learners and their teachers, a detailed literature review was undertaken to identify best practice pedagogies and provide a strong evidence base for the development of the resource.

Three documents are provided for educators to gain further insight into the research supporting the development of Knowing Growing Showing. These documents are: