Bertie's socks

Supports ASIC's MoneySmart Teaching Year 1 unit of work

'We're off to the supermarket!' Judy's mother announced.

Judy and her younger brother, Finn, got into the car.

'Can we buy ice-cream?' asked Judy.

'And chocolate?' added Finn.

'And stickers?' asked Judy.

'And don't forget, Bertie Bear needs socks,' said Finn, holding up his teddy bear.

'Remember, we can't buy everything,' said Mum, checking that she had her purse and her shopping list.

Finn sat in the shopping trolley, talking to Bertie.

Judy saw her mum pick up two different cereal boxes.

'I wonder which is better,' said Mum.

'Bertie wants to eat both!' said Finn. 'But I told him, we can't buy everything.'

Judy saw a poster. 'Mum, Cass has this poster in her bedroom. Can I please get it?' Cass was Judy's best friend.

Mum looked at the price. 'That's a lot of money for a poster. Maybe we could buy it later, for your birthday.'

'We can buy it for Bertie's birthday. Bertie's birthday is every day,' said Finn.

Mum and Finn laughed, but Judy kept looking back at the poster.

They reached the check-out. Mum noticed that Judy was watching as she paid.

'Next time we shop, I am putting you in charge. You can make decisions about what we can afford and I will help you pay at the check-out. You can ask me lots of questions about shopping, to make sure that you are ready.'

'That sounds great,' said Judy. She had some serious thinking and planning to do!

'We bought everything on our list,' said Mum. Then she smiled. 'We also bought a few other things.'

'Ice-cream?' asked Judy.

'Chocolate?' asked Finn.

'Not those things,' said Mum.

'Not this time. But because we were so careful with our budgeting and bought everything we need, we can now afford to spend a little on something we WANT…'

Smiling, Mum handed Judy a small packet of stickers. And then she put some tiny new socks on Bertie.

The end

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